Optimal Rhythms, Inc (501c3) is pleased to offer Continuing Education (CE) units for professionals attending the 2017 Rethinking Autism Research Conference.

                                                                     Who Should Attend

                                                                     PTs & PTAs                            Music Therapists                           Psychologists

                                                                     OTs & OTAs                          Mental Health Workers             Law Enforcement

                                                                     ​Speech & Language          Special & Gen Ed Teachers      Criminal Justice

​                                                                     Physicians & PAs                Educational Assistants               School Administrators

                                                                     Nurses                                     Social Workers                               Self-Advocates

                                                                     Direct Care Staff                Students                                            Parents/Caregivers

​​​Optimal Rhythms, Inc has received pre-approval CE units/credits for the 2017 conference for:

Occupational Therapists 

Occupational Therapy Assistants

Social Workers

Clinical Social Workers

Marriage and Family Therapists

Mental Health Counselors

Addiction Counselors

                 Clinical Addiction Counselors                  

Music Therapists 

(CBMT Approved Provider #P-155)

Please check this webpage for updates on CEUs.

Additional professionals will be added as approved.

If your discipline is not pre-approved, you will receive an attendance certificate

with the total contact hours indicated. 

If your desire or approval to attend the conference is contingent upon availability of CEUs,

please email admin@optimalrhythms.org with your inquiry and/or call us at 812-490-9401.

Why attend?

Conference participants will:

  • Recognize autism-related symptoms and difficulties consistent with movement disorders
  • Discover the latest neuroscience research that uncovers connectivity differences in the autistic brain that impact motor planning, movement, and sensory regulation
  • Understand the role rhythm plays in organizing movement, increasing attention, and overall executive functioning
  • Learn brain-based therapy strategies that are improving sensory-motor functioning in individuals on the spectrum with complex communication challenges
  • Discover why assuming competence is the least dangerous assumption during assessment, treatment, and education of individuals on the autism spectrum


ReThinking Autism